Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Highlights from Paris and London!

1. My dad met me in Paris!
2. Had to eat French Onion Soup in France

3. Saw the Metropolitan Signs by French Architect, Hector Guimard 

4. Went to the Louvre

5. Loved this Staircase in the Louvre

6. Saw the Mona Lisa!
7. Saw the "Venus de Milo" Statue

8. Passed under the most romantic bridge in France, they said if you closed your eyes and made a wish it WILL come true...well see! ha!

9. Held the Eiffel Tower in my hand

10. Took an Artistic Picture of the Eiffel Tower
11. Asian Pose in front of the Eiffel Tower

12. Me and Dad in front of the Eiffel Tower

13. Took another artistic picture of the Eiffel Tower
14. Rode the Train from Paris to London!

15. Coolest Taxis Ever

16. Went to Platform 9 3/4 (from Harry Potter)
17. On my way to Hogwarts!
18. Walked across Abbey Road just like the Beatles
19. Saw a Double Decker Bus...Bradley Cooper helps too! :)

20. Saw Buckingham Palace

21. Saw Westminster Abbey, where William and Kate will Wed!

22. Saw Big Ben

23. Saw the Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
24. Went to St. Paul's Cathedral

25. Sat in the park that is in "Mary Poppins"

26. Saw the Tower of London

27. Saw London Bridge

28. What a coincidence? St. John's Wood

29. Rode the London Eye

30. Up in the London Eye

31. Had an encounter with Paddington Bear

32.  Ate at the coolest designed restaurant with my dad and allie!

33. Spent time with my best friend, Allie Rhae!

34. Then we met up with Ryan and Clinton!

35. Last but not least, Ashley was on my flight back to rome!

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