Sunday, December 19, 2010

I am no longer a hoarder!

I started cleaning out my room last night so I can start the packing process. Yes, I have to get rid of half of my room before I start packing! I have lived in the same house for the last 3 1/2 now so if you can imagine a girl can collect a lot of stuff, especially me because I think I need to keep everything for some weird reason! For example, I kept roses from Valentine's Day that I got like 3 years ago....stupid! My room doesn't look any cleaner but I feel much more organized because I know so much of it is gone! I packed up 4 trash bags full of clothes that are a) too small or b) I would never wear anymore and 3 trash bags full of trash!! I sent my sister this picture last night and said "Don't be alarmed when you come home! I haven't moved out yet!"
Bella is confused! haha

Cleaning out my closet was a process because I still cant make myself get rid of everything, even if I haven't worn it in a year. I started on one side of my closet and made a section for possible clothes I will take, a section for clothes to stay here, and a section for clothes that don't belong to me! haha Annie Nannie that section is yours! :) 
Section on the left is my "Italy" stack
then the hangers below disappear and the stack grows!! not good!

Tarah helped me clean out my shoes closet! haha! that was funny cause she made fun of half the shoes I had in there! She made comments like "What are those?!" "Have you ever worn those?" "Are you getting rid of those? Can I have them?"...ya she took a pair of my shoes that she'll probably never wear either! haha
This is the pile of shoes that I HAVE to have! As I was making this pile I said,"I'll just make a pile of the ones I want to take then I'll go through and eliminate some".....elimination will happen as they go into my suitcase BUT we talked about it and if I dont end up taking a pair I'll regret it and be mad at myself! That's how attached I am to my's bad! this picture is missing some but I counted 15 pairs of that bad for 5 months? winter and spring gotta have a variety!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

1 month from today!

So it only seems necessary that I do a blog post on the exact day one month before I fly outta here!  I had my last Rome meeting tonight got my insurance card, talked with my fellow travelers, and learned how to live like a local! Since my last post to prepare for Rome, I signed up for classes (I have the same teacher for all of them) should be interesting!!, I got my visa in the mail, finally, with an ugly picture on it I sort of look like a 5 year old boy with a bowl cut, hmmm?, and I got my address where I'll be living!! I google mapped it and the picture below is all I could find so it's somewhere around here!

Last Monday was my last day of work at Riffraff so my boss invited me and my co-workers to a little going away dinner for me! It was so much fun! Kirsten got me some amazing gifts which she DID NOT have to do but she did anyways because she is that nice! The main thing I love about the gifts she got me is that they're personalized! I love stuff that is sentimental! 
Cheesy I know! 

Kirsten got me this Journal to write in along the way!

and this is the best part about it!! 

She also got me this Passport Holder and this  Rome guide book with 9 FOLD OUT MAPS!! I am excited about this one! I did  find my apartment on one of the maps already! 

Passport Holder has a quote from the movie, "Eat, Pray, Love."   Couldn't be anymore perfect!!

Short and Sweet, gotta get back to working on my projects and not sleeping! The semester is ALMOST over!
p.s. this is where I have spent the last 9 days of my life, looks comfy right? a  massage would be a great christmas present if anyone wants to know! :)


Friday, December 3, 2010

It's the little things!

I'm so lucky to have such supportive parents that take time out of their day to tell me little bits of info!