Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Highlights from Paris and London!

1. My dad met me in Paris!
2. Had to eat French Onion Soup in France

3. Saw the Metropolitan Signs by French Architect, Hector Guimard 

4. Went to the Louvre

5. Loved this Staircase in the Louvre

6. Saw the Mona Lisa!
7. Saw the "Venus de Milo" Statue

8. Passed under the most romantic bridge in France, they said if you closed your eyes and made a wish it WILL come true...well see! ha!

9. Held the Eiffel Tower in my hand

10. Took an Artistic Picture of the Eiffel Tower
11. Asian Pose in front of the Eiffel Tower

12. Me and Dad in front of the Eiffel Tower

13. Took another artistic picture of the Eiffel Tower
14. Rode the Train from Paris to London!

15. Coolest Taxis Ever

16. Went to Platform 9 3/4 (from Harry Potter)
17. On my way to Hogwarts!
18. Walked across Abbey Road just like the Beatles
19. Saw a Double Decker Bus...Bradley Cooper helps too! :)

20. Saw Buckingham Palace

21. Saw Westminster Abbey, where William and Kate will Wed!

22. Saw Big Ben

23. Saw the Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
24. Went to St. Paul's Cathedral

25. Sat in the park that is in "Mary Poppins"

26. Saw the Tower of London

27. Saw London Bridge

28. What a coincidence? St. John's Wood

29. Rode the London Eye

30. Up in the London Eye

31. Had an encounter with Paddington Bear

32.  Ate at the coolest designed restaurant with my dad and allie!

33. Spent time with my best friend, Allie Rhae!

34. Then we met up with Ryan and Clinton!

35. Last but not least, Ashley was on my flight back to rome!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Wood Family Vacation!

 It's Spring Break Time once again!! 5th one since ive been in college?! I've been so lucky to go amazing places every year! Cancun, New York City, LA/San Diego, Carnival Cruise....and now PARIS and LONDON!! Not only do I get to go to Paris and London I get to travel with my dad!! Im so excited to meet up with him in the airport tomorrow morning! We will spend 2 days in Paris and 3 days in London.  Also, I'm also meeting up with one of my best friends, Allie, who happens to be living in London right now! amazing!! Cant Wait! Today is Italy's 150th anniversary of unification...everyone is celebrating..Hope I don't miss my flight at 7am! See ya there dad!

Now back to my project...

My dad and I in NYC last summer

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Check off the Bucket List!

Interlaken, Switzerland
February 13, 2011

As my time in Italy is going by way too fast, I decided last minute to go with a small group to Switzerland to go Skiing in the Swiss Alps!! It's definitely a once in a lifetime experience so I had to go!  The last day we were there I had a chance to go Canyon Jumping, I told myself I would regret it if I didn't go.  So I had to go, I was the only person from my group that went (the arkansas rome center, that is).  I jumped out of bed went downstairs, signed up and got in a van with random people I had never met! Completely not prepared for the weather, it was freezing! I really had no idea what I signed up for but I knew what I was about to do, jump off a platform and fall 280 ft...straight down! 
        Once I was at the top of this platform adrenaline started rushing especially when I was hooked onto the rope that was extremely heavy and almost pulling me off the platform! I was the one of the last people to jump and the few left had to countdown for me....3...2....1... ahhhhh! My stomach went into my mouth! The feeling of falling was insane! The whole time I was worried my boots were going to fall off the instructors kept laughing at me. 1) because I was more worried about my boots than anything. 2) they thought my boots were funny.  The fall was about 7 seconds and then it swung me through the canyon for a few seconds! It was so cool! 
        I didn't tell anyone back home that I was going to do it so my dad was not too happy with me but It's Ok! haha It's marked off my bucket to come is SKY DIVING!!

The Canyon!

Climbing to the Platform

Scary Swiss guy that harnessed me in

About to jump!



Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have discovered a new snack! Ringo cookies!! To die for! They come in a long tubular package almost like cookie dough. They just hit the spot!

I haven't blogged lately because I've been SO busy with school and traveling! It's insane! I dont even have time to write in my journal which is upsetting.  

Since my first school trip to Naples the first weekend of February, I have traveled EVERY weekend! So fun, exciting, and amazing experience, but SOO exhausting!! Is it bad that to say that I'm sick of traveling? those words came out of my mouth yesterday afternoon.  I just got back from Amsterdam yesterday morning and Brad, my friend from auburn skype messaged me and said "Im so ready for florence this weekend" I literally was like again?! I have to travel again? I just got home!! and I really couldn't believe I said it! Im getting sick at the moment so Im just sick and tired and school wears me out because we only have 4 days to pull out these great designs they want to see and it makes me nervous because obviously everything I've done they hate...which doesn't make me want to push harder! We have mid-term reviews next week which makes me want to jump out of a window because they compare me to all these architecture students when I have NO idea what the architecture students are talking about....could it be because I dont care?, Im not interested?, I have no focus in school?

.....All day I thought about what I could change my major to next.  I would love to hang from a rope in Switzerland and take pictures of people canyon jumping...I mean I do have the exact same camera as her.. I was waiting to do a blog post on switzerland when I get my canyon jumping pictures in the mail! Im still waiting on them so hopefully Ill get them soon! 

So my first trip was to Naples, then I went to Interlaken, Switzerland, then to Venice and Verona, then to Milan and Amsterdam!!! Wow that is a lot of places in one month!! This coming weekend I'm going to Florence then the weekend after that I go to Barcelona!! Then it's Spring Break! I have plans for spring break as I think but I cant tell them until there booked! Im really excited though! 

I have learned so much about myself already and a huge part of that was this past weekend when I traveled with 4 girls from the new york, new jersey area.  I cant explain on here so ill explain in email to those of you who even care! haha 

Everyday I walk to and from school alone which gives me some good thinking time... I dread the walk more and more each day.  Its gets longer everytime and you would think it would get shorter.  

The food gets better and better everyday and every trip I take...Ive gained so much weight its not even funny! 

I miss my friends and family so much! I think about you all everyday!!