Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Check off the Bucket List!

Interlaken, Switzerland
February 13, 2011

As my time in Italy is going by way too fast, I decided last minute to go with a small group to Switzerland to go Skiing in the Swiss Alps!! It's definitely a once in a lifetime experience so I had to go!  The last day we were there I had a chance to go Canyon Jumping, I told myself I would regret it if I didn't go.  So I had to go, I was the only person from my group that went (the arkansas rome center, that is).  I jumped out of bed went downstairs, signed up and got in a van with random people I had never met! Completely not prepared for the weather, it was freezing! I really had no idea what I signed up for but I knew what I was about to do, jump off a platform and fall 280 ft...straight down! 
        Once I was at the top of this platform adrenaline started rushing especially when I was hooked onto the rope that was extremely heavy and almost pulling me off the platform! I was the one of the last people to jump and the few left had to countdown for me....3...2....1... ahhhhh! My stomach went into my mouth! The feeling of falling was insane! The whole time I was worried my boots were going to fall off the instructors kept laughing at me. 1) because I was more worried about my boots than anything. 2) they thought my boots were funny.  The fall was about 7 seconds and then it swung me through the canyon for a few seconds! It was so cool! 
        I didn't tell anyone back home that I was going to do it so my dad was not too happy with me but It's Ok! haha It's marked off my bucket to come is SKY DIVING!!

The Canyon!

Climbing to the Platform

Scary Swiss guy that harnessed me in

About to jump!



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  1. wow! so cool. i wish i could travel to places like u too. and do all those adventure stuff! you rock, babe!

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